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I’ve uploaded 2000 logofree episode screencaptures, check them out by clicking on the previews below:

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Mouza // July 22nd, 2014 // Multimedia-Season 4-Teen Wolf-Videos

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Shared from effingstiles 

I’ve uploaded 18 episode stills of tonight’s episode “I.E.D”, you can check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below:

4x05S-00005 4x05S-00011 4x05S-00016

Mouza // July 22nd, 2014 // Extras-Music-Season 4-Teen Wolf

Gary Numan – “Love Hurt Bleed (Radio Edit)”
Violet and Garrett in hallway

JETFIRE feat. Maya Simantov – “Baby Back”
Liam lifting weights

Zella Day – “Mustang Kids”
Lydia and Malia in the art room

Douster – “Pop That Bubble”
Mason checking out Brett on field

Headhunterz & Audiofreq – “Breakout”
Devonford Prep school scores the first point

Diplo – “Express Yourself”
Stiles mocking prep student for having facial hair on field

Mouza // July 21st, 2014 // News-Season 4-Teen Wolf


MTV has launched a new virtual clubhouse for Teen Wolf‘s most creative fans.

Dubbed The Collective, the site aims to showcase fans’ original art and poetry, and connect them with the people behind the show. That means no more searching Tumblr tags for the best of Teen Wolf fan art.

“Fundamentally, we’re storytellers and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways for our audience to interact with our shows and characters,” said Colin Helms, the network’s senior VP of connected content. “For some time, we’ve marveled, celebrated, rewarded and in some cases even hired Teen Wolf fans that have created amazing fan fiction, analysis and artwork. With the launch of The Collective, we’re creating a dedicated curated space that empowers the fans to create, share and have their art recognized across our sites, social and possibly even TV.” (more at source)

I’ve uploaded 1975 logofree episode screencaptures, check them out by clicking on the previews below:

4x04-00321 4x04-00241 4x04-01483

Mouza // July 15th, 2014 // Multimedia-Videos


Shared from effingstiles

Mouza // July 15th, 2014 // Extras-Music-Season 4-Teen Wolf

Magic Man – “Every Day”
Freshmen get off of bus and make weekend plans

Deeds Plus Thoughts – “The World’s Made Up of This and That (Fatboy Slim Mix)”
Kira walks down the stairs while the Freshmen watch

Matt Young – “This Party”
Kira and Liam ride in the car to the Lake House Party

Tiësto & Showtek – “Hell Yeah!”
The hordes of freshman pour inside the Martin lakehouse

Nifty Trick – “Dub Drop”
A keg gets delivered to the lake house party

Megha Maan presents The Trap feat. Trophyy – “#Turn Down For What”
Violet re-enters party

Moon & Pollution – “Alter Eagle”
Mason looks for Liam

Movement – “Us”
Scott and Kira slow dance

Lizi Kay – “Do You Like What You See”
Kira looks for Lydia

I’ve uploaded 21 episode stills of tonight’s episode The Benefactor, you can check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below:


Mouza // July 15th, 2014 // Giveaway


We got our hands on 2 Teen Wolf VIP Tickets to attend The Houston Con happening in Houston, Texas on Friday August 8th, 2014 for 2 days. The tickets include:

  • Autograph speed pass vouchers for Dylan Sprayberry & Mason Dye
  • Duo posed Pro Photo Op with both actors together

Use the form below to enter and I’ll pick 2 winners on Friday July 18th, 2014.

The only rule is that you have to live in the US to win this and if you don’t live in Texas, it’s your responsibility to arrange for your accommodation & transportation to Houston.

Teen Wolf Daily is only giving you access to the con, all other expenses are on you.


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Portrayed By: Dylan Sprayberry
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