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Emily // August 21st, 2014 // Extras-Videos

The cast chats about who the best dancer is and demonstrates their classiest moves.

Emily // August 20th, 2014 // Gallery Updates-Photoshoots

I’ve added one photo of the cast taking a photo on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht last month at Comic-Con to the gallery!

Emily // August 20th, 2014 // Interview-Videos

I have added 2000 HD logofree episode screencaptures from “Perishable” to the gallery.

Emily // August 19th, 2014 // Extras-Music-Season 4-Teen Wolf

Justin Nozuka – “Iulius”
Stiles and Stilinski discuss medical bills at the hospital

Magic Man – “Paris”
Coach talking about bonfire

Deorro – “Bootie in Your Face”
Bonfire party starts

New World Sound & Timmy Trumpet – “The Buzz”
Bonfire party – Mason wants Liam drunk

Matt Andersen – “I Work Hard For the Luxury”
Brunski plays his tape in his office

Damon – “Don’t You Feel Me”
Brunski plays another tape in his office

KENSHIN – “Starlight”
Bonfire party – Malia is drunk

Hyper – “Controllin Me”
Bonfire party – Scott figures out that the music is making them drunk

Heroes X Villians – “Twerk”
Bonfire party – Scott takes Malia away

Savant – “Rave Life”
Bonfire party – Scott tries to stop music

Emily // August 19th, 2014 // Season 4-Teen Wolf-Videos

I have added episode stills from last night’s episode “Perishable” to the gallery.

Emily // August 15th, 2014 // News-Season 4-Teen Wolf

What more can you tell us about what’s going to happen to Malia and Stiles’s relationship on Teen Wolf beyond Jeff Davis’ very ambiguous answer of “They’ve got a rocky road ahead.” I don’t want/need it to be all sunshine and lollipops, but is this a relationship that we’ll actually see develop as Malia and Stiles work through the natural hazards of living/loving in Beacon Hills or are we just being strung along for some kind of heartbreak from which there is no return? —Jennifer
Well Jennifer, I promise not to use the words “rocky road.” What I do know is that Stiles and Malia will find themselves together in episode 10, titled “Monstrous,” but based on the fact that they’re going to uncover the origins of The Dead Pool, I can’t promise it will be all that romantic of a scenario. And come episode 11, it sounds like everyone is going to have something to worry about when Scott and his pack engage in a battle with someone who’s being described as “an old enemy.” Any guesses? (Source)

Emily // August 14th, 2014 // Gallery Updates-Magazine Scans

Teen Wolf is featured in the August 22nd issue of Entertainment Weekly. HQ digital scans have been added to the gallery.

I have added 2000 HD logofree episode screencaptures from “Time of Death” to the gallery.

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4.09 "Perishable" August 18th, 2014

An assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team's annual bonfire. Lydia uncovers a family secret. The Benefactor's identity is revealed.

Scott McCall

Portrayed By: Tyler Posey
Type: Werewolf
Scott's InfoTyler's Info

Stiles Stilinski

Portrayed By: Dylan O'Brien
Type: Human
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Derek Hale

Portrayed By: Tyler Hoechlin
Type: Werewolf
Derek's InfoTyler's Info

Lydia Martin

Portrayed By: Holland Roden
Type: Banshee
Lydia's InfoHolland's Info

Kira Yukimura

Portrayed By: Arden Cho
Type: Kitsune
Kira's InfoArden's Info

Malia Tate

Portrayed By: Shelley Henning
Type: Werecoyota
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Portrayed By: Dylan Sprayberry
Type: Beta
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